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Eric-Tut Bird guide

Eric Tut – Bird guide at Birding in Belize

Birding in Belize with Paradise Expeditions Belize Birding tours and Belize birding packages is sure to be one of your most memorable Belize birding trips. We offer small and personalized Belize birding tours for both the casual and serious birder. All of our Belize tours are booked on a request basis, meaning that often times you and companions will have the Belize bird guide all to yourselves.

Our Belize tour and vacation packages range all over the country to provide a vast range of Belize birding sites and habitats, ensuring you a great Belize birding experience, exciting bird sightings, and unique way to see the Belize country side. All of our Belize bird guides are experienced and knowledgeable naturalists, able to show you the fascinating world of birding in Belize and other aspects of Belizean history and ecosystems.

Choose from one of our Many Belize all inclusive vacation packages or we can customize any of our Belize tour packages to suit your needs and budget.

Great Belize birding vacations, explore our Belize birding hotspots. Tour Belize with one of our knowledgeable Belize birding guide stay at one of our Belize resorts during your bird-watching vacation in Belize

We can also customize your Belize birding vacation package. Let us know which activities and Belize tours you are interested in doing. How many days you would like to stay in one of our Belize Jungle lodges and how many days roughly on our Belize beaches. If you would like to add free days to any of the packages, or wish to add/substitute any days for non-birding activities (such as Belize caving, etc), we are happy to work with you to design your ideal Belize vacation and Belize birding package.

Ornate Hawk Eagle Belize

Ornate Hawk Eagle – Photo courtesy Bob Gress, Birding in Belize

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